Coachella 2013 Wrap Up

Red Hot Chili Peppers

April 24 – With over 100,000 attendees, Coachella is too big to do it all. It boasts five major stages, one indoor dance tent, several DJ stages, and all sorts of art installations. I tried to get in as much as I could but became ill and was out of commission for two days. As for Sunday, here are the highlights: The Bands Coachella is great for bringing in a lot of up-and-coming talent and this year was no different. I found a lot of…

Coachella Weekend 2 – Day 3 pics

Final Sunset on Coachella 2013

  Here are some of the pictures taken from Sunday, Day 3 of Coachella.

Coachella Weekend 2 – Day 2 Pics

Major Lazer

  Pictures from Saturday, Day 2 of Coachella.

Coachella Day 1 – Wrap up

Blur plays at Coachella

April 20 – After an amazing night I finally have some time to replay yesterday’s events in a little more detail. With darkness descending, so to did the crowd as it more than doubled in the evening from what I thought was already capacity. It’s hard to get a good number but by best estimates I would say more than 80,000. Getting around was difficult as the throngs from each stage bled out into the main arterials making navigation between stages a chore. Furthermore, losing…

Maya Jane Coles overcomes the “Venue”

Maya Jane Coles at Venue in Vancouver - April 11

April 11 – On the eve of her Coachella performance,  producer / DJ – Maya Jane Coles (MJC) played her first ever set in Vancouver. Fronted by an initially tenuous audience of no more than 400 people, Coles managed to do what few other DJ’s who come to this city can – win over the crowd. Spinning at Venue in downtown Vancouver, Coles blended a seamless mix of melodic, pulsating house  —  very much in the spirit of that Chicago house sound  – and although…

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